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Vehicles are the crucial assets that keep your business moving.

Corporate cars, vans, trucks, forklifts or bulldozers — these workhorses form a vital component of your organisation. Yet, should one of these machines have an accident, be off the road for a significant period, or simply be awaiting insurance cover — it can lead to a stock shortfall, failed orders, and cancelled meetings.

Not simply causing you a significant headache — but also leading to a loss of revenue.

Commercial business vehicle insurance ensures you’re in the driving seat — keeping your operation running. And, if you run 20 vehicles or more, we also provide efficient fleet insurance protection.

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Why Choose Commercial Business Motor Insurance?

Some small business operators utilise a private motor vehicle — on a comprehensive personal insurance — for their commercial operations. At least that is, where their policy permits such use. However, in most circumstances, this isn’t ideal.

Vehicles used for commercial purposes are liable to more risks than personal vehicles, due to:

  • Large mileage.
  • Long running hours.
  • Parked at third-party sites.
  • Carrying valuable stock.
  • Transporting customers and clients.
  • Used by different drivers.
  • Subject to frequent loading and unloading.
  • Not being an automobile — such as a bulldozer, forklift, or HGV.

As such, some personal insurance policies will not cover extensive business use — although a few examples permit additional business use cover.

PIB can provide the best commercial motor insurance — allowing for the high-level and corporate use of these vehicles, and providing the ultimate in insurance safeguarding.

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Fleet Insurance Policies


Commercial motor insurance is typically for fleets of one to 20 vehicles, while motor fleet insurance is designed for more than 20 vehicles — and those that include large trucks and heavy plant.

Furthermore, fleet insurance often allows for a greater level of customisation written into the policy, in order to better address the specific needs of particular organisations.

To discover more about the difference between these two similar, and often confused, insurance categories — check out our comprehensive Fleet Vs Commercial comparison.

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Vehicles Covered by Commercial Business Motor Insurance

If your business vehicle has wheels and an engine — in short, at PIB, we can insure it. Our most popular Commercial Motor Insurance business policies include:


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At PIB, we work with you to deliver the consummate trade motor insurance — covering your specific motor vehicle types and the requirements concomitant to your particular business.

As such, each policy will differ depending on your needs. However, our Commercial Vehicle cover typically includes:

  • Theft and loss
  • Vehicle damage
  • Personal injury
  • Driver accident benefit
  • Damage to property
  • Temporary replacement vehicle
  • Cost of towing
  • Vandalism or attempted theft
  • Fire
  • Legal liability
  • Emergency vehicle repairs
  • Rating 1 no-claim-bonus protection

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Levels of Commercial Vehicle Insurance Cover

In most circumstances, at PIB, we can offer three options on your commercial vehicle insurance:


Comprehensive cover, as the name suggests, provides the widest scope of business motor insurance. Insuring you and your vehicle against physical damage claims, even when you’re not at fault — it includes cover for liabilities to third parties, theft, and fire destruction.


Restricted commercial motor cover that delivers insurance against fire or theft to your vehicle, and damage to third party motors. It may be worthy of your consideration if your business uses older, low-value vehicle(s) where repairs may be uneconomical.


The most straightforward business motor insurance that only safeguards you against third party liabilities — not for damage, fire, or theft to your commercial vehicle.

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For over 35 years, at PIB we have been providing tailored commercial vehicle insurance for Australian businesses — shielding these operational lifelines against damage or loss.

With a reputation for honesty, integrity, and diligence — our team of knowledgeable business motor advisors will work with you to deliver the optimum policy to suit your particular commercial vehicles and their use.

Whether you’re a sole trader, business owner, partnership, or trade contractor — our personal, no-nonsense, and jargon-free service will make choosing your vehicle insurance straightforward and affordable. Insuring you for what you need — not what you don’t.

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