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Whether your company owns a factory, office block, warehouse, shop, or residential real estate — commercial property insurance is critical.

As potentially the most valuable assets on your balance sheet — your buildings deserve extensive safeguarding. Fire, flood, vandalism, or storms can hit with no warning, leaving your property, contents, and business operation devastated.

Commercial premises insurance — sometimes referred to as business property insurance — shields you against the losses and costs incurred through building and contents damage. And, with Australian construction costs rising year-on-year, it’s crucial you have significant cover to protect against rebuilding expenses.

At PIB, our team of experienced commercial building insurance advisors can defend your bricks and mortar assets — and their valuable contents — against catastrophic events.

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Coverage Provided by the Best Commercial Property Insurance

As a specialist commercial building insurance broker, at PIB, we can provide a need-specific property insurance policy ideally suited to your business or operation type.

Covering you for what you need — and omitting cover that you don’t — we can ensure cost-effective yet comprehensive protection. While not exhaustive, here are the most common areas shielded by commercial property insurance.

Commercial Property Owners Insurance Sydney
  • Burglary — both loss of contents and property damage, such as broken doors, windows, or locks.
  • Natural disasters resulting in property or contents damage — earthquakes, floods, fires, and storms.
  • Goods, electrical machinery, or products damaged in transit.
  • Vandalism.
  • Accidental property and contents damage.
commercial unit insurance.
  • Damage or loss to internal contents — including fixture and fittings, equipment, and tenant improvements.
  • Falling trees.
  • Damage caused to your property by nearby construction sites or collapsing buildings.
  • Plumbing leaks.
  • Machinery or office equipment breakdown.

Bear in mind that while standard commercial property insurance coverage will safeguard you against damage to property and contents — typically it will not protect you against loss of income experienced by such damage. Check out our Business Interruption cover for this trade-covering insurance.

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Types of Property Covered by Commercial Building Insurance

At PIB, our knowledgeable and experienced advisors can recommend comprehensive building insurance however unusual your business property type. Our most common areas of cover include:


    Commercial landlord insurance — for residential houses, flats, tenements, and communal areas.


    Commercial real estate insurance — as a commercial real estate insurance broker, we can cover new-builds and properties for re-sale.


    Commercial shop insurance — bricks and mortar and retail stock cover.


    Commercial unit insurance — including contents.


    Warehouse building insurance — covering building, stock, and machinery contents.


    Factory insurance — including equipment, products, and packaging stock.


    Office insurance — either single unit or office blocks.


    Sporting facility insurance — including gyms, swimming pools, stadiums, courts, and dōjōs.


    Shopping centres.


    Medical facilities — hospitals, drop-in centres, clinics, veterinarians, and dentists.

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    How Much Does Business Property Insurance Cost?

    Working with you to understand your business’s individual property insurance requirements — we can provide the most affordable solution without comprising coverage.

    As such, there is no typical price for commercial buildings insurance — although the main factors affecting the premiums include:

    warehouse building insurance.

    Fire Prevention

    Businesses with a pro-active attitude towards fire prevention can expect to experience more competitive insurance quotes — especially in trades that deal with flammable materials. Going over and above statutory requirements with hoses, alarms, fire doors, extinguishers and sprinklers can be beneficial.

    Business Property Age and Size

    Usually, the newer the building, the lower the property insurance for commercial property cost. Older properties, especially those that have not been sufficiently maintained, can suffer wiring, piping, roofing, and brickwork issues — meaning claims are more likely. Furthermore, the size and value of the building are typically consistent with the premium level.

    Business Machinery and Office Equipment

    If you have an operation that relies on high-tech electronic equipment or heavy-duty plant machinery — your insurance premiums will be higher than a business without such assets.

    Geographical Location

    Commercial and industrial building insurance premiums can be impacted by a business’s geographical location. If you have a property on a flood plain, in a high-crime area, or in bush-fire risk regions — then the cost of your insurance is affected.

    Level of Security

    Providing extensive security to your business property not only delivers reassuring peace of mind but can also reduce insurance premiums. Typical factors taken into account by underwriters include:

    • Security guards
    • Guard dogs
    • Alarm systems
    • CCTV
    • Deadlocks
    • Site fencing and gates

    Stock Levels

    If you own a warehouse, factory, or retail outlet — stock values are likely to be high. Conversely, if you operate in the service sector, it’s unlikely you will have elevated tangible assets. Insurers will take into account your stock level when calculating your insurance.

    Claim Frequency and Severity

    Certain business ventures are more likely to make claims — for example, those dealing with hazardous or flammable materials, retail outlets liable to theft, and operations located in significant crime areas. These factors can influence your insurance premium level.

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    Why Choose PIB for Your Business Property Insurance?

    Because your commercial property and contents deserve the ultimate protection.

    Since 1986, we have relentlessly delivered bespoke building insurance policies to Australian businesses — ensuring that these most valuable of commercial assets are shielded against loss or damage.

    Working alongside you to understand your enterprise’s particular insurance requirements, our friendly team of experienced and knowledgeable commercial insurance advisors can recommend the most suitable cover — guaranteeing the optimum protection of your property.

    Furthermore, by delivering insurance tailored to your business’s needs — you receive comprehensive and cost-effective shielding.

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