Excavator Insurance

Sizeable Plant Needs, Equally Substantial Insurance


Owning, operating, and running hardcore heavy plant carries significant risks — PIB’s excavator insurance safeguards your business in the event of a claim.

As a responsible contractor, you already take extensive precautions to ensure that your staff, the public, and other businesses and trades are as free from risk as possible. However, unforeseen accidents, mishaps, and errors can still unexpectedly occur — threatening the livelihood of your enterprise.

At PIB, our specialist team of excavator equipment insurance specialists will provide tailored plant cover to shield your operation — delivering welcome peace of mind.

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What Is Excavator Digger Insurance?

Big plant can cause big damage.

Excavator liability insurance, also colloquially referred to as mini digger insurance and JCB digger insurance, covers your liabilities in the event of an accident affecting physical property or a third party.

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Utilising heavy earthmovers carries significant risks, including:

  • Injury to the public, employees, and subcontractors.
  • Property damage.
  • Under or overground utility damage.
  • Accidents and collisions with other heavy plant.
  • Risk of slips, falls, and trips when mounting and alighting.
  • Building project interruption.
  • Fire, theft, and loss of the plant.
  • Tipping.

At PIB, we can provide the best mini digger insurance to safeguard your business against livelihood threatening claims. And, should your business operate more general heavy machinery, we can also deliver focused plant insurance.

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Our affordable excavator and digger insurance extends across a wide range of earthmoving equipment. While not an exhaustive list, the most common plant vehicles we cover include:

  • Mini-diggers
  • On-hire plant
  • Power shovels
  • Crawlers
  • Drotts
  • Mini dingoes
  • Draglines
  • Mini-excavators
  • Backhoes
  • Compacts
  • Long reachers
  • Bobcats
  • Wheeled and skidders

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What Does Insurance for Excavators Cover Include?

By creating a targeted excavator policy relevant to your operation and its requirements we guarantee affordability — ensuring you have significant cover in the areas you need, not where you don’t.

Depending on your enterprise’s circumstances, typical digger insurance may include:

Public Liability Insurance

Whether you’re looking for single machine mini excavator insurance, or shielding for a fleet of 20-tonners — you need public liability insurance as part of your package. This safeguards your business from claims caused by:

  • Injury to third parties, including customers.
  • Damage to property.
  • Attractive nuisance — trespass by children.
  • Unauthorised access.
  • Subcontractor loss or injury.
  • Vicarious liability.


This can include professional indemnity — guarding your employees against claims arising from alleged negligence, advice, or omissions — and management indemnity that protects the directors and officers.

Excavator Machinery and Plant Insurance

Safeguarding your crucial heavy plant from accident, loss, theft, vandalism, and fire claims.

Contract Works Insurance

Also referred to as construction all risks insurance, this cover protects against the risks of physical loss or damage to the contract works during the period of construction, as well as shielding against third party liability from loss of profits.

In addition to the above, we can also provide extended coverage for the ultimate in peace of mind, including the schedules of:

  • Material damage.
  • No blame excess.
  • Lifted goods damage.
  • Hirer indemnity.
  • Road risks.
  • Underground service accidents.
  • Vibration damage.
  • Wet hire.
  • Mini digger insurance cost replacement.
  • Accidental excessive overload.
  • Specified and unspecified attachments.


The price of our cover varies across plant types and usage. However, as experts in plant insurance, at PIB, we guarantee the most cost-effective insurance packages tailored to your particular operation.

Factors that determine pricing include:


    Type of plant — for example, the mini excavator insurance cost will be smaller than the cover for a mammoth 33-tonne JCB.


    Number of excavators.


    Location of overnight storage.


    Excavator modifications and attachments.


    You and your business’s excavator experience level.


    Market value of the excavators.


    Site and plant security.


    Operators’ age demographic.

    Why Choose PIB for Your Excavator Digger Insurance?

    Because operating specialised equipment deserves cover from an industry expert.

    Since 1986, PIB’s team of knowledgeable plant insurance advisors has delivered expertly tailored packages to Australia’s army of heavy vehicle contractors and operators. 

    Working with you to understand the particular nuances of your enterprise — our friendly specialists will formulate the most comprehensible and suitable policies for your plant types, usage, and level of risk. 

    Affordable, effortlessly manageable, and adjustable when you purchase or sell equipment — your cover will continually provide reassuring peace of mind and safeguard against expensive claims.

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