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Australia is the proud home to a vast number of associations, delivering vital member services and functions to the nation — but if the unexpected occurs, and your society lacks solid insurance for clubs, its ability to function could be under severe threat.

Damage to your property, participant injury, equipment theft, or alleged misconduct by a member of your committee — challenges that may face your group and result in a claim. Receiving a hefty financial penalty could limit your ability to operate or indeed jeopardise your organisation’s existence.

From soccer club insurance to debating society cover, sailing club insurance to chess club protection — PIB’s team of expert association advisors will tailor bespoke policies designed to safeguard your group. Not just providing welcome reassurance, but also permitting you to concentrate fully on working and enjoying time with your members.

Furthermore, as a specialist broker, at PIB, we also offer targeted protection for not-for-profits, charity organisations, and sporting clubs.

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Do Clubs Need Insurance?

The activities of Australia’s multitude of associations range from the relatively tame to the extreme. It’s apparent that, for example, a sky-diving club carries some inherent risks for its members — but the dangers facing book club attendees are less obvious.

However, accidents, mishaps, mistakes, and natural phenomena can all endanger your group. Typical events include:

Furthermore, some categories in the club and association niche require particular attention due to their activities.

Churches, for example, need specialised religious group insurance — usually because of their large number of members and social advisory and counselling role. Equally, community groups and aid agencies may require focused charity insurance — necessary due to their fundraising and event work.

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The Clubs and Associations We Insure

From sports club insurance cover through to creative writing group insurance — PIB will formulate tailored policies to protect you, your society, and its members. By including only the safeguarding your association needs — not superfluous or irrelevant cover — you’re assured affordable insurance that will not damage your crucial funds and subscriptions.

While not an exhaustive list, our most commonly delivered packages include:

  • Adult, seniors, and youth sports team insurance.
  • Political group insurance.
  • Educational society insurance.
  • Boat club insurance and swimming club insurance.
  • Badminton, squash, and tennis club insurance.
  • Collecting and hobbyist association insurance.
  • Walking club insurance and mountain bike club insurance.

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How We Can Protect Your Club or Association

The plethora of associations across Australia pursue and fulfil a vast array of functions, activities, and services — meaning that the insurance requirements required by these clubs are equally varied.

Working alongside you, we will tailor focused cover that addresses the particular needs of your group. Our most common policies for associations include:

Public Liability for Associations

Club liability insurance is crucial for your association — safeguarding your group against claims for personal injury or property damage. This cover can also be extended to include event insurance — essential for those clubs that organise fundraisers, sporting meets, or off-site activities.

Cyber Insurance for Associations

Your club may store extensive personal information on its donors, members, and volunteers — including financial and credit card details. Our cyber insurance shields data breach losses from malware, ransomware, and hacking.


Association Liability Insurance for Clubs

Tailored with clubs and associations in mind, this cover protects members of your group against claims for duty failures — often combining:

  • Employment — claims made by current or previous employees.
  • Professional indemnity — shielding for any professional services delivered by your club.
  • Management liability — safeguarding from alleged misconduct by the trustees, officers, or directors of your association.
  • Fidelity — protecting your club against losses due to fraud or dishonesty by employees, members, or volunteers.

Volunteer’s Personal Accident for Clubs

Voluntary work by the general public or members is often crucial to the activities of many associations.

Volunteer’s personal accident insurance safeguards your group from claims arising due to the injury or demise of an unpaid helper — assuming that the mishap or misadventure occurred while they were conducting actions on the association’s behalf, or travelling to or from that duty.


Motor Vehicle and Motor Fleet Insurance for Associations

From minibuses to cars, coaches to vans — PIB can provide individual or fleet insurance for your club or association’s vehicles. This can include transport that’s owned, borrowed, or hired.

Event Cancellation Insurance for Clubs

Cancelled events such as member conferences, sporting competitions, or trade union rallies could seriously damage your club’s funds. Our insurance safeguards your association should an organised function be called off due to circumstances beyond you or your club’s control.

Why Opt for PIB for Your Association and Club Insurance?

Your club or association has specialised aims, activities, and functions — it, therefore, demands insurance that’s equally targeted.

Member groups work in focused ways that are completely disparate to the private sector — meaning that you need to arrange cover with a specialist club insurance company

that understands the needs, challenges, and risks inherent to the society category.

Since 1986, PIB has continually been delivering advice, counsel, and solutions to the nation’s associations. Our expert advisors have the market knowledge and club insight to provide bespoke cover particular to your organisation — from public liability insurance for sports clubs to event cancellation for chess associations.

Don’t allow the unexpected to threaten your group — speak to PIB today and organise your insurance for clubs and associations.

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