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If your equipment or machinery is damaged, stolen or breaks down, your operation may suffer significant disruption and loss — business equipment insurance defends your enterprise in the event of a claim.

21st-century businesses like yours rely heavily on equipment — from laptops and printers through to touchscreen projectors and data centres. If something goes wrong, your entire operation can be affected — leading to customer dissatisfaction, non-fulfilment of orders, and the expensive cost of replacement.

PIB is your local equipment and machinery insurance specialist, defending your operation and your livelihood should the unexpected occur. Tailoring bespoke packages depending on your particular needs and requirements — you’re assured the pinnacle of protection and the most affordable premiums.

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What Is Business Equipment Insurance?

While you and your staff are the beating heart of your business — your machinery and equipment are its lifeblood.

Tradies depend on their drills, saws, and sanders as the tools of their trade, your business relies on its photocopiers, EFTPOS, and IT machines. Using these powerful instruments every day — it’s understandable that we all take them for granted.

Yet, when things go wrong — it can be serious.

Whether you lose an entire department’s IT infrastructure due to an unexpected flood, or simply have your wearable devices stolen — the impact on your operation can be equally devastating.

Insurance for business equipment safeguards your operation — addressing rapidly the cost of replacement and repair. PIB can provide this reassuring protection as a standalone policy, or part of an umbrella business insurance package.

Insuring Business Equipment

Do You Need Equipment and Device Insurance?

After property and vehicles, machinery and equipment are typically the most valuable assets on your balance sheet. You insure your building and cars without question — it’s, therefore, good practice to do the same for your electronics and tech.

Sure the cost of damage and replacement of a single modest laptop isn’t going to break the bank. But what about if a burglary resulted in an entire department’s computer inventory being stolen — or a fire destroying your high-end 3D printer or server cluster?

Admittedly, you may already have limited protection.

Many commercial premises policies or business insurance packages provide some cover for contents — including machinery and equipment. However, the value of the protection can be seriously limited — meaning you need to address any shortfall.

For example, if you own a greetings card shop, and your only tech is a basic cash register, you probably don’t require specialised equipment protection — the cover provided under small business insurance will probably be sufficient.

However, if you have a reasonably sized office, with premium laptops, IoT (Internet of Things) machines, and a hefty IT network — damage or theft will lead to worrying and unexpected expense, and substantial disruption.

Insuring business equipment with targeted device and machine cover permits you to not only protect high-value tech, but also take advantage of additional defences such as temporary hire and breakdown protection.

Business Equipment Insurance Australia

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What Machines Does Equipment and Device Insurance Protect?

Our machine and equipment insurance package can defend virtually all of your critical technology.

While not exhaustive, the most common items included in our tailored packages include:

  • Computers — both laptops and towers.
  • Tools.
  • Plant and machinery.
  • Printers.
  • Diagnostic machines.
  • Research devices.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Lighting facilities.
  • Audio visual technology.
  • Surveillance equipment.
  • Visual devices.
  • General office machines.
  • Tech devices held for others.
  • Cash registers.
  • Point of sale electronic terminals.
Electronic Equipment Insurance

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What Does Business Equipment Insurance Defend Against?

At PIB, we will work with you to tailor a package specific to your equipment risks.

Generally speaking, as standard, our policies include claims resulting from:

  • Fire.
  • Storm.
  • Flood.
  • Hail.
  • Theft after forced entry.
  • Accidental damage.
  • Vandalism.
  • Accidental loss.

However, where PIB’s specialised protection excels, is in the additional safeguarding typically not included in general property cover:

Insurance Equipment

Temporary Hire

While most policies will attend to the eventual repair or replacement of a machine following a claim due to an insured event — how you continue your business without the vital piece of equipment in the short term isn’t addressed.

Temporary hire cover attends to the cost of a substitute machine until yours is fixed or a new one is purchased, including after a breakdown — permitting you to carry on with your work duties without disruption.

Loss of Stock

Damage or breakdowns can mean more than the temporary loss of crucial equipment. For example, if you’re a frozen food retailer — the breakdown of a freezer could mean the loss of thousands of dollars of perishable stock.

Our tailored protection can safeguard your operation from these financially painful challenges.

Removal of Debris

A significant event, such as fire or flood, can lead not only to the loss of essential equipment, but also leave behind substantial mess that doesn’t just interfere with the running of your business — but is also heartbreaking to see.

Removal of debris cover ensures that the costs of removing and disposing of debris and the associated clean-up are covered.

Expediting Repairs Costs

If one of your machines needs repairing after an insured event claim — it may be necessary to hasten remedial action in order to permit you to carry on production or trading. This could involve significant expense, due to the requirement of a specialist engineer or the payment of necessary overtime to satisfy the emergency work.

With targeted business equipment and device insurance, you can reassuringly address these costs and return to normal service as soon as possible.

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What Isn’t Included in Equipment and Machinery Insurance?

Device Insurance

There are a few exclusions that are not typically covered under business equipment and device insurance. That said, in many circumstances, we can seek protection for these uninsured events — should they be crucial for your operation.

Typically, machinery insurance doesn’t include:

  • Equipment breakdown due to normal wear and tear.
  • Damage caused by any excluded event — such as war.
  • Mildew, rust, and mould.
  • Vermin damage.
  • Cyber terrorism and hacking.
  • Intentional vandalism or malicious acts by an employee.
  • Your negligence or intentional damage.
  • Exposure to asbestos.

Why Choose PIB for Your Business Equipment and Machine Insurance?

Your equipment keeps products rolling out the door, keeps track of vital data, and ensures your excellent services are provided to your valued customers and clients.

Don’t let damage, theft, or breakdowns ruin your reputation or obliterate your bottom line.

For in excess of 35 years, PIB’s amiable team of specialist machine and equipment insurance professionals have been defending Australia’s crucial business devices. Working from our office in Parramatta, we provide tailored policies that address your preferences and the inherent risks of your enterprise.

Keep your business moving forward — speak to PIB about business equipment insurance today.

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