Business Insurance for Self Employed

Defending Your Livelihood From Threats


Working for yourself provides the phenomenal benefits of making your own decisions and retaining all the profits, but also means you hold full responsibility for anything that goes wrong — business insurance for self employed protects you and your livelihood.

Theft of your tools, an accident in your work van, a client claiming against you for negligent advice, or an injury of a customer or member of the public. These are all challenges that not only cause you significant worry and stress — but can also lead to expense that threatens your operation’s very existence.

PIB is your local specialist in Parramatta for self employment business insurance NSW. Always on your side, we will create a tailored protection package that addresses the particular risk areas of your business — defending your enterprise and allowing you to focus fully on growing your trade.

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Do You Need Business Insurance if You Are Self Employed?

Under current Australian legislation — there’s no statutory requirement for you to take out insurance for self employed people. That said, there are two exceptional circumstances when it is needed by law:

  • Worker’s compensation insurance — if you have employees.
  • Minimum third-party insurance — if you use a work vehicle.

However, a lack of legislation doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to abandon this responsibility.

One of the main attractions of running your own business — apart from being your own boss — is that any profits made by your operation are yours (although, naturally subject to tax).

Essentially, you and your operation are considered one and the same.

Yet while this is attractive when it comes to keeping all the money you’ve earned — it also means you carry all the responsibilities when things go wrong. Not only could a successful claimant take your self-employed business assets — but also your personal cash.

This is in stark contrast to a Pty Ltd (Proprietary Limited) operation, where in virtually all cases — the liability remains within the company itself.

We know you’re already professional and diligent in your working practices. You take all possible efforts to ensure that risks to you, your clients, and your operation are minimised. But unexpected events, accidents, and disasters that are out of your control can still threaten your business’s very existence.

The best business insurance for self employed from PIB safeguards you and your livelihood from challenges beyond your control — not just delivering welcome peace of mind, but also ensuring the continuance of your enterprise.

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What Trades and Professions Does Work Insurance for Self Employed Protect?

Self Employment Business Insurance

From liability insurance for self employed through to personal work insurance — if you work for yourself, PIB can protect you with tailored cover.

Whether you’re wondering what insurance do you need for self employed tradies, or perhaps, what insurance do I need as a self employed financial consultant — PIB can help with protection, whatever your occupation.

That’s right, any profession.

Tradesman, white-collar professionals, retailers, home-workers, distributors, and manufacturers — we are here to assist you with a bespoke self-employed package targeting your business threat needs.

By no means exhaustive, our most common safeguarding packages include:

  • Builders, plumbers, bricklayers, joiners, and electricians insurance.
  • Architects and quantity surveyors self-employed insurance.
  • Construction workers, scaffolders, plant operators, and labourers insurance.
  • Glaziers, plasterers, welders, and cleaners self-employed insurance.
  • Carpet layers, interior designers, and decorators insurance.
  • Gasfitters, HVAC installers, and hot water heater installers self-employed insurance.
  • Accountants, bookkeepers, financial advisors, and auditors insurance.
  • Tattoo artists, fitness instructors, and yoga practitioners insurance.

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What Is Included in Self-Employed Business Insurance?

At PIB, we know that your business has its own particular quirks and nuances — and with that individuality comes inherent and specific threats.

That’s why we don’t provide off-the-shelf solutions.

Each of our self-employed business packages is tailored to your operation — ensuring you pay only for what you need, not what you don’t.

That said, the most common inclusions in our Parramatta self-employed insurance policies are:

Self Employed Public Liability Insurance

Often incorrectly referred to as personal liability insurance for self employed — public liability protection is possibly the most crucial of all safeguards. It defends against claims by third parties — for example, customers — for their property damage, personal injury, or death suffered as a result of your business activities. At PIB, we ensure our self employed public liability insurance quotes are competitive.

Not only could a claim lead to significant legal fees, but also substantial compensation ranging from the thousands to the millions of dollars — expenses that would most likely close your operation. The best public liability insurance for the self employed addresses such claims.

Self Employed Product Liability Insurance

If any of your products cause a third party to experience illness, injury, or death — such as a customer in your takeaway suffering food poisoning, or a faulty electric device causing a shock — you could be liable for an expensive claim. Talk to PIB about rapid product liability insurance quotes for self employed.

You don’t have to be a manufacturer or food preparer, a claim is also possible if you repair, modify, supply, distribute, or retail alleged accident-causing goods. Product liability insurance for self employed individuals safeguards against compensation and legal fees against insured events.

Self-Employed General Liability Insurance

At PIB, it’s our mission not only to ensure that you receive bespoke protection for your business that addresses your operation’s inherent threats — but also that you enjoy the most competitive premiums.

Our self employed general liability insurance quotes offer this welcome affordability — by combining both product and public liability covers into one package. This means you receive a more cost-effective solution that doesn’t hurt your bottom line.

Income Protection for Self Employed Contractors

There’s no such protection as self employed workers compensation — one of the downsides of working for yourself. So, if you suffer illness or injury due to your occupation — you cannot claim (although, you need workers compensation insurance for any employees).

However, income protection insurance — sometimes called salary continuance — fulfils the same function as theoretical workers compensation insurance for self employed. Replacing a set percentage of your income if you’re temporarily unable to work — it can ease pressure on your financial commitments, and relieve your mental stress, allowing you to focus on returning to good health.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for the Self-Employed

Although you always act in a professional manner, mistakes can occur. If a customer or client alleges that an error in your services, or your advice causes them to experience loss, injury or harm — they may make a claim. Not only could you be facing costly compensation, but also significant legal costs — even if you’re found not at fault.

Self-employed professional indemnity insurance safeguards your business against these costs in the event of a claim. While ideal for accountants, lawyers, consultants, and health practitioners — it can also defend advice given by tradies.

Self-Employed Equipment and Tool Insurance

Your equipment is crucial for your operation — whether you’re a tradie with an arsenal of power tools, or a dog groomer with a mobile hydrobath. Should any of your essential kit be damaged or stolen — your ability to work and generate income could be at risk.

PIB’s self-employed tool insurance and equipment insurance can address the costly expense of repairs and replacement — permitting you to return to your duties as soon as possible, suffer the minimum of disruption, and maintain your excellent customer reputation.

Self-Employed Commercial Motor Insurance

Most self-employed persons rely on a vehicle for their profession — whether you’re a tradie hauling tools and materials in a van or ute, or an accountant using a car to visit clients. While you may already have personal motor insurance — it doesn’t provide the protection required for work use.

PIB’s commercial motor insurance for the self-employed takes into account the higher mileage, carriage of valuable stock, signage and wraps, and longer running hours of work vehicles — available as comprehensive, third party, or third party, fire and theft options.

Additional Insurance for the Self-Employed

On top of the above protections, PIB’s self-employed business insurance packages can also include:

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For over three decades, our team of experts has helped tradies, hairdressers, accountants, and dog groomers achieve reassuring and robust business protection. By tailoring packages focusing on your enterprise risks — you receive the ultimate in safeguarding at the most affordable premiums.

Rapid quotations, advice on risk management, and acting relentlessly in your best interests, we’re with you for the long term.

Don’t allow your hard work, personal sacrifice, and financial investment to be threatened by unexpected events — defend your livelihood with PIB’s business insurance for self employed.

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