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Defending Your Operation From Costly and Existential Threats


Your business exists due to your hard work, personal investment, and sacrifice…but one single unexpected event could threaten its existence — small business insurance defends your valuable operation and your livelihood.

When you’re focusing intently on successfully running your enterprise — considering the plethora of insurance options is probably the last thing on your mind. Yet, an unexpected flood, burglary, or accident could seriously damage your turnover — or close your operation forever.

PIB is your specialised small business insurance broker — delivering tailored packages that address the specific needs of your enterprise. Doing the hard work on your behalf, we suggest and advise on the most suitable safeguarding policies, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

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What Is Small Business Insurance?

Small business insurance policies are complete packages of protection that provide a multitude of safeguarding components under one policy.

As such, they’re typically more cost-effective than taking out numerous different covers, and offer a single, convenient renewal date and premium.

In many ways, they mirror standard business insurance solutions for larger enterprises — but are tailored to meet the demands of your smaller operation. For example, it’s unlikely that a home-based business or sole trader will require small business fleet insurance — suitable for 20 vehicles or more — although they might benefit from commercial motor insurance.

Furthermore, there are no strict definitions of what constitutes a small business. The ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) considers it as an operation employing fewer than 20 people — whereas the ATO identifies a small business as an enterprise with a turnover of less than $2M.

With PIB, you receive the defence that your operation needs.

Working together, we construct robust safeguarding suitable for the risks inherent to your small business — ensuring you receive the ultimate in protection, while not paying hefty premiums for cover you just don’t need.

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Who Needs Small Business Insurance Coverage?

Compulsory insurance for small business includes third-party cover if your operation uses vehicles, or worker’s compensation if your enterprise has employees.

Other protection is simply good practice and forward-thinking — for example, small business public liability insurance. Without this, should a customer or client receive an injury or die as a result of your actions — your operation could be exposed to existence-threatening claims and expensive legal fees.

PIB will advise you on the best defence for your enterprise — based on its particular risks. There’s no limit to the type of operation we can protect, although the most common small business categories we safeguard in Parramatta include:

  • Engineers insurance.
  • Real estate insurance.
  • Business consultants insurance.
  • Pet sitters and dog walkers insurance.
  • Hospitality insurance.
  • Beauty therapist insurance.
  • Tanning salon insurance.

Types of Small Business Insurance

At PIB, we deliver the best insurance for small business owners by looking at the specific threats to your operation. Working together with this proactive approach, we can ensure you receive the most affordable and cheap small business insurance NSW.

While by no means exhaustive, the most common covers for smaller enterprises can include:

General Liability Insurance Small Business

PIB’s best general liability insurance for small business defends your business in the event of a claim from a customer, supplier, or other third party becoming injured or suffering property damage — arising as a result of your activities.

While it combines two key covers — public and product liability under a single umbrella, they can be taken out separately if required.

Small Business Vehicle Insurance

If you have a specific work vehicle or use your family car for business purposes — standard car policies will not defend against loss or damage experienced as a result of your enterprise’s activities. Our small business commercial motor cover provides protection that takes into account aspects such as higher mileage and stock transport.

Small Business Property Insurance

If your operation has a salon, shop, restaurant, warehouse or other business premises — you need small business commercial property insurance. Defending your bricks and mortar and its contents — it can shield you from the risks of storm damage, flood, burglary, accidental damage, and vandalism.

Small Business Renters Insurance

Many smaller operations don’t have the finances or inclination to purchase their own property — especially new start-ups and fledgling enterprises. Small business renter’s insurance addresses claims for loss or damage — building or contents — in premises leased by the business.

Small Business Professional Indemnity Insurance

Numerous professionals — for example, surveyors, architects, accountants, and lawyers — operate in the small business sector. One small mistake or error in your advice or services could lead to a costly claim. Professional indemnity insurance for small business — sometimes called small business professional liability insurance — safeguards your operation against reputation and financial loss.

Small Home Business Insurance

If you work from your place of residence, your standard home insurance policy will not protect you from loss or damage experienced as a result of your business activities. Our small business insurance for home based business is tailored to your needs — providing the reassuring defence you require.

Small Business Tax Investigation Insurance

Should the ATO start a tax investigation — it’s going to cost you time and stress. PIB’s tailored audit investigation insurance for small business addresses the expense of a tax examination, and can pay for the services of a professional accountant to complete any required documentation.

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What Are the Small Business Insurance Costs?

At PIB, we know that running a small business means you watch every cent and dollar — especially in the early days.

That’s why we’re committed to making sure that all of Australia’s backbone of crucial SMEs can access the most affordable small business insurance.

Firstly, we don’t provide off-the-shelf solutions.

By getting to know you and your operation, we will build a bespoke package that addresses the specific areas of threat to your enterprise. Naturally, the more cover you require, the greater the premium — yet, by tailoring in this manner, we can ensure that you pay the minimum amount for the most comprehensive and relevant coverage.

Secondly, the price is determined not just by the type of risk, but the threat level.

For example, virtually all small businesses will need public liability protection — shielding your operation from customers, clients, and members of the public suffering personal injury or property damage as a result of your activities.

However, the public liability insurance cost for small business depends upon the risk. Enterprises with high footfall and numerous customers — such as general stores — are more likely to experience a claim-raising event like a fall or trip, as opposed to operations with few visitors — such as a computer programmer.

PIB can assist and advise on dynamic risk management — helping you to minimise or eliminate threats where possible, leading to a pleasingly affordable premium.

Small Business Insurance
Liability Insurance Small Business

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PIB — Your Local Business Insurance Agents for Small Business

You’re the best in your business arena — and we are one of the best small business insurance companies.

PIB’s expert team of small business specialists have provided reassuring, bespoke, and affordable SME protection to Sydney businesses for in excess of 35 years.

All operations are exposed to risk — whether natural disasters, vandalism, customer injury, or claims for errors and omissions. Whatever your enterprise’s inherent threats — we will proactively help manage risk and provide robust safeguarding.

Working with us, you are ensured:

  • Extensive small business insurance experience.
  • QPIB and NIBA accredited advisors.
  • Staff familiar with the needs of small businesses.
  • Jargon-free, honest, and friendly discussions.
  • Providing the protection you need — not what you don’t.
  • Same impeccable level of attention to sole traders, small
  • businesses, tradies, and partnerships.
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Small Business Insurance Companies FAQs

What Is the Small Business Liability Insurance Cost?

The price of liability insurance for small business depends on numerous factors, including the market in which your business operates, the number of customers, amount of employees, and the level of inherent risk in your enterprise.

As one of the best product and public liability insurance for small business brokers in Parramatta, PIB will tailor affordable packages dependent on the requirements of your operation.

Where Can I Find Small Business Insurance Brokers Near Me?

Conveniently based in Parramatta, PIB can help all SMEs in Sydney with their insurance requirements. Amiable, professional, and taking time to understand the threats intrinsic to your operation — we will deliver robust safeguarding at a price that doesn’t hurt your bottom line.

Do I Need Product Liability Insurance for Small Business?

Should your operation build, design, repair, or modify a physical product that you retail or provide free of charge — you need product liability insurance. It defends your operation from claims arising from injury, illness, or material damage suffered as a result of your products.

What Insurance for My Small Business Do I Need?

At the very minimum, you should consider general liability, motor, and property insurance. PIB can advise on the most suitable safeguards dependent on the risks inherent to your enterprise.

Is Home Based Business Insurance Coverage Included in Standard Home Insurance?

If you work from home, most residential insurance policies do not cover commercial claims. It’s therefore crucial you take out affordable small business insurance protection to shield you, your business, and its assets.

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