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You work incredibly hard to ensure your workmanship is the pinnacle of excellence, yet through no fault of your own, one innocuous mishap could ruin your business or cause unaffordable loss — tradie insurance defends your business from unexpected risks.

Accidentally putting your foot through a customer’s ceiling, having your tools stolen, or causing a third party serious injury — challenges that could lead to costly reparations, expensive legal fees, or significant compensation.

At PIB, our specialist team of trade business insurance experts will forge robust protection that addresses the specific needs of your operation. Working together, we will defend your business against unwelcome events — providing immense reassurance.

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Insurance for Tradies

What Is Insurance for Tradies?

At PIB, our tradie insurance packages aren’t an off-the-shelf product.

Instead, by looking at your operation, we can identify the key threats — and deliver solid cover that protects your enterprise.

Whether you’re a plumber or carpenter, a sole trader, or employ a team of industrious tradies — whatever your area of specialisation or business format, you will have the peace of mind of our support and effective safeguarding.

Our aim is to address all your relevant risks — both during your working day and after your projects have been completed. This can include damage or theft of your tools, injury or death of a member of the public, or your work van being involved in an accident.

Whatever you and your business demands — PIB has your back, shielding you from the threats of your trade.

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Do You Need All Trades Insurance?

If you’re a highly-skilled, manual professional — you need protection.

Whatever your area of specialisation, Australia’s tradies are intrinsically exposed to risk — much more so than the nation’s army of desk workers, paper pushers, and IT technicians.

Tradesmen and tradeswomen find themselves facing the day-to-day challenges of:

  • Utilising risky equipment such as blowtorches, chainsaws, and nail guns.
  • Working near the general public, often in their homes.
  • Carrying out trades in dangerous locations, such as on roofs or construction sites.
  • Owning high-end and expensive tools that are attractive to thieves.
  • Frequently giving advice and guidance to customers.
  • Using work vehicles on a daily basis.
  • Running an often cash-heavy business that the ATO may wish to investigate.
  • Performing manual labour in tough and inclement weather.
  • Employing others to carry out hazardous manual labour duties.

The combination of all these factors can lead to tradies being concerningly exposed — requiring the need for watertight insurance. What’s more, many trade bodies require the relevant insurance as part of their membership — while contractors often demand evidence of cover before they permit you onto their worksite.

What Occupations Does Our Tradies Insurance Pack Protect?

Should your business require you to provide skilled manual services to contractors and the public for payment — or you run a team of workers offering such assistance — you want the best tradie insurance from PIB.

The variety of occupations we can defend is almost limitless, but our most common tradie policies in Parramatta include:

  • Plumbers trade cover.
  • Painters tradie insurance.
  • Roofers insurance for tradies.
  • Builders tradespersons insurance.
  • Carpenters trade insurance.
  • Window fitters tradie cover.
  • Electricians tradesman policies.
  • Tilers tradie protection.
  • Painters and decorators insurance for tradies.
  • Carpet layers trade insurance.
  • Curtains, shutters, and blinds tradie insurance.
  • Joiner trade insurance protection.
Tradies Insurance Pack

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What Does Our Trade Insurance Policy Include?

Whether a carpenter in Castle Hill, a builder in Burwood, or a plumber in Penrith — your trade and business have both shared and specific risks.

That’s why at PIB, we work with you to tailor tradie packages that address the dangers your operation faces — and omit clauses that are irrelevant or pointless. Not only does this ensure the ultimate in safeguarding, but also prevents you from paying for services you don’t require.

That said, our more popular and shared policies include:

Tradie Public Liability Insurance

Essential for all businesses, the best public liability insurance for tradies defends you and your operation against a supplier, customer, or other third-party claims for property damage or injury — arising from your business’s activities. Not just a statutory requirement in some Australian states — it’s often demanded by trade organisations and employers.

Tool Insurance for Tradies

The tools of your trade — whether hammer drills, angle grinders, or reciprocal saws — keep your business operational. If they are stolen, vandalised, or subject to accidental damage, you could be out of action. Tradie tool insurance covers the cost of fixing or replacing crucial equipment — allowing you to continue working.

Tradies Contract Works Insurance

Protecting your building job or work site during any construction period — contract works cover can be crucial for the tradie working on more substantial projects. Addressing legal liability and material damage — it protects against such risks as fire, vandalism, flood, accidental damage, and storm.

Income Protection for Tradies

If you’re self-employed, a day away from work typically means a day without pay. If illness or injury put you out of action — could you still afford to meet your day-to-day expenses, such as household bills, mortgages, or loans? The best income protection insurance for tradies offers a welcome percentage of your income for a predetermined period while you are incapacitated.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Tradies

Often, you provide more than just building or repair services — you share your years of knowledge by offering advice to customers and colleagues. However, if they follow your guidance, and suffer loss or damage as a result — they may make a business-threatening claim. Professional indemnity safeguards you and your operation against such third-party litigation as a result of your alleged omissions or errors.

Tradies Commercial Property Insurance

Should your business own a unit, office, or workshop — you must consider commercial building insurance for tradies. Protecting your bricks and mortar against the risks of flood, fire, storm, and vandalism — it can ensure that your premises are restored, fixed, or replaced to permit you to carry on your trade.

Tradies Motor Insurance

Your working day most probably involves travel and tool transport — whether in your car, ute, minivan, or truck. Tradies commercial motor insurance ensures that if your vital vehicle is stolen or damaged — it can be rapidly replaced or repaired. Thus meaning, you’re back on the road and providing your crucial handiwork and skills to the nation’s public.

Tradies Tax Investigation and Audit Insurance

You’re a skilled manual professional, not a tax expert. If the ATO demands to investigate your books — could you handle the expense, time, and stress involved? Our reassuring tradies audit insurance addresses the costs of a tax investigation, and includes the appointment of an accountant to complete and prepare any necessary ledgers or documentation.

Tradies Compensation for Workers

If you employ other tradies — worker’s compensation is compulsory insurance. Should your employees suffer illness or injury resulting from your business activities, they may make a costly claim for compensation, medical fees, or salaries while incapacitated. Tradies worker’s compensation addresses these business-threatening expenses, keeping your operation viable.

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New Businesses Tradie Insurance

If you’re just starting out on the exciting road of working for yourself as a tradie — you’re naturally keeping a watchful eye on every dollar you spend.

Starting a new enterprise costs money in the early days, and possibly the last area on your mind will be the somewhat stale subject of business insurance. Yet, no one knows when the unexpected will happen — it might be a concerning thought, but day-one of your business activities could lead to a third party making an expensive claim.

In short, your venture could be over before it’s even begun.

Naturally, while the more protection you have for your operation, the safer it will be — full and complete safeguarding may well be financially out of reach in the early days.

Therefore, we recommend that, as a minimum, your new tradie business should defend itself with:

  • Tradies liability insurance — safeguarding against claims for property damage, injury, or death of a third party.
  • Trade tool insurance — protecting the equipment that’s crucial for you to conduct your skilled work.
  • Income protection insurance for tradies — ensuring that if you’re ill or injured, you still receive funds to pay your day-to-day bills, loans, and expenses.
Best Tradie Insurance

Why Choose PIB for Your Tradies Insurance?

Because you are the expert in your skilled trade, and we are the experts in your insurance.

For over 35 years, PIB’s specialist team of trade insurance advisors have delivered tailored, reassuring, and affordable insurance to Australia’s hardworking bricklayers, jointers, welders, and plumbers.

Working daily in your skilled profession, you’re exposed to significant risk — theft of your crucial tools, dealing with hazardous equipment, and being entrusted with your valued customers’ property building, repairs, and renovations. We will ensure that should the unexpected happen — your vital operation is protected.

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With PIB, you’re partnering with a significant force in the risk-protection sector.

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And, should the unexpected happen and you need to make a claim, you will have the powerhouse backing of Steadfast behind you.

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