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Looking for not-for-profit insurance, Australia?

You and your organisation aren’t looking to generate profits — but equally, you also don’t want to incur massive costs.

Staff negligence, patron injuries, property damage, or automotive accidents can all lead to claims. Taking a serious financial hit could impact your ability to help others, or in the worst-case scenario, close your organisation permanently.

Unicorn Risk Services — a division of PIB — can safeguard your charity operation with not for profit insurance. Tailored to the demands of your particular not-for-profit or community sector group, our cover shields against costly claims, while providing reassuring peace of mind — allowing you to focus purely on your fundraising endeavours.

Furthermore, we offer specialised safeguarding for charities, church groups, member associations, and sport clubs.

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What Type of Insurance for Not for Profit Organisations Do You Need?

Insurance for volunteers

The multitude of not-for-profits, community groups, churches, and charities cover a vast scope of fundraising, relief services, and support facilities to Australian society. As such, the insurance cover required by these groups is equally diverse.

As a conscientious not for profit insurance company, Unicorn Risk Services will work with you to provide the most suitable shielding for your group or organisation. Typical NFP insurance can include:

Public Liability

Perhaps the most crucial cover for your organisation. Not for profit public liability insurance safeguards you against claims from third parties due to injury or property damage resulting from your operation’s actions.

Not only does public liability insurance for not for profit organisations shield your organisation against accidents or mishaps when the public visits your premises — but also on external fundraising events.

Association Liability Insurance

Specifically fashioned for not-for-profits, this combined policy provides protection to officers, directors, and the organisation against improper action claims arising from breaches of professional duty. It often features:

  • Professional indemnity — cover for professional services provided by your not-for-profit.
  • Management liability — shielding against alleged unprofessional acts by the officers and directors of your organisation.
  • Employment practices — cover for claims made by former, prospective, or current employees against your charity.
  • Fidelity — safeguarding against losses arising from dishonesty, theft, or fraud by an employee or volunteer.


For many not-for-profits, volunteers are the lifeblood of the organisation. Giving up their time for free, they are a crucial element for events and fundraisers.

Just like employees, these valuable supporters require cover should they suffer an accident leading to injury while working on your operation’s behalf. Voluntary workers accident insurance shields you against such claims.

Whether you have just one vehicle, or a fleet of automobiles, our Not-for-Profit Motor Insurance can cover claims arising from theft, fire, accidents, or the actions of third parties.

Depending on your particular charity’s requirements, this can include owned, borrowed, or hired motor vehicles.

An umbrella term encompassing numerous individual cover types bundled into a single policy package. Its core function is to safeguard your not-for-profit’s business premises, equipment, assets, and property.

Tailorable to suit your organisation’s particular requirements, business insurance typically includes cover for damage to buildings and their contents, business interruption, theft, cash, and electronic equipment breakdown.


Covers financial losses incurred from a cyber-attack — including ransomware, phishing, and malware.

Not-for-profits routinely store large volumes of personal information, including donor’s bank details, addresses, credit cards, and emails. If this data is leaked, not only could it lead to significant claims by the affected parties — but also have a trust-damaging effect on your organisation. Our Cyber Insurance for not-for-profits shields you against such losses.

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Why Choose Us for Not-for-Profit Insurance Australia?

Since the not-for-profit sector has considerably different insurance demands to the corporate sector — it’s crucial that you discuss your organisation’s insurance requirements with a knowledgeable expert in the field. Unless you’re insured through a community sector insurance specialist, your organisation may not be properly covered for all eventualities.

We understand that not-for-profit operations require insurance to protect against risks associated with their annual ongoing activities and for one-off unique events that may be undertaken from time to time.

Not for Profit Insurance
Insurance for Not for Profit Organisations Australia

Opting for Unicorn Risk Services — a division of PIB — for your not-for-profit insurance means you receive:


  • A specialist focus on the insurance needs of not-for-profit community groups and associations.
  • Insurance products and services that are specifically tailored for not-for-profits.
  • A service team that is experienced in both not-for-profit insurance and working with the requirements of both local and state government authorities.
  • A proven track record with charities and not-for-profits.

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