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Defending Your Enterprise in New South Wales


From Lithgow to Lismore, Broken Hill to Byron Bay — your enterprise needs business insurance in NSW.

Defending your operation from both internal and external threats, commercial insurance ensures the continuation of your enterprise in the challenging face of costly claims, compensation, legal action, and court fees.

PIB is your local expert in NSW business insurance — building tailored policies that address your operation’s particular requirements, and working relentlessly on your behalf to achieve the most beneficial outcome.

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What Is NSW Business Insurance?

The success of your NSW business is built upon your financial investment, dedication, visionary determination, and substantial time sacrifice.

Yet, all your efforts and hard work — and that of your team — could be permanently undone by a single unexpected event.

A significant natural disaster, staff injury, death of a customer, or compensation claim could seriously impact your bottom line — or shut the doors on your enterprise forever. You may make exhaustive efforts in risk management — but accidents and mishaps will still occur, however diligent you are.

Commercial business insurance safeguards your operation from a wide range of threats — not just delivering immense peace of mind, but also ensuring claims, costs, and compensation can be effortlessly addressed.

PIB’s New South Wales-focused commercial insurance bespoke policies are made to defend against your business risks, and the threats inherent to Australia’s most heavily populated state.

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What Industry and Trades Does NSW Business Insurance Cover?

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At PIB, we know that the trades and industries of our great state are incredibly wide and varied.

Agriculture in the Central West, finance and banking in Sydney, manufacturing in Colongra, and mining in Broken Hill — and these large-scale markets mix with smaller enterprises such as retail, hairdressing, plumbing, and entertainment.

PIB doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach — that’s why all of our business commercial insurance policies are created specifically to meet the risks intrinsic to your operation.

While we can insure any enterprise, whatever its sector, our most popular policies include:

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What Does New South Wales Business Insurance Include?

At PIB, we understand that the threats facing a small business in Sydney may differ from a massive global exporter in Goulburn.

That’s why all our business insurance policies are individually built to address your particular enterprise needs.

Our most popular commercial protection includes:

Business Public Liability Insurance NSW

If a client or customer experiences an injury at your premises, dies, or suffers damage to their property — your operation could be facing hefty compensation and legal fees. The best public liability insurance NSW from PIB defends your enterprise in the event of a claim.

The public liability insurance NSW cost depends on numerous factors — such as your industry type, footfall, and amount of machinery. PIB can also forge affordable public liability insurance sole trader NSW for smaller, self-employed operations and not-for-profit organisations.

Furthermore, it can be combined with product liability insurance under a general liability policy.

Commercial Property Insurance NSW

New South Wales’ warm north-west, cold alpine south, and the summer rain of the north-east means that the state is exposed to a plethora of weather conditions — all of which can threaten your business property.

However, it’s not just the threat of floods, natural disasters, and fire that could impact your premises and contents — vandalism, burglary, accidental damage, and leaks could also obliterate your bottom line.

PIB’s focused commercial building insurance NSW defends your business against costs and losses experienced through bricks-and-mortar and contents damage.

Business Interruption Insurance NSW

If an unexpected event temporarily closes your enterprise — or reduces revenues or profits — could it meet its day-to-day expenses and survive?

Business interruption insurance NSW defends your business against loss of income from an insured event. Depending on your needs, it can address falls in revenue due to:

  • Storms, fire, and flooding.
  • Inability for you, or customers and clients, to enter your property.
  • Vandalism and theft.
  • Crucial equipment breakdowns.
  • Supplier incapacity.

Ensuring your business has a healthy cash flow, NSW business interruption insurance allows you to pay staff salaries, utilities, loans, mortgages, and taxes — ensuring your operation’s survival.

Similarly, income insurance can protect you personally if you’re unable to work through illness, incapacitation, or injury. While not usually part of a business insurance policy, it’s a worthwhile safeguard — permitting you to address your home loan, bills, and commitments and ensure your and your family’s survival.

Motor Insurance NSW

Vehicles are typically the lifeblood of your business — whether you’re travelling to meet clients, transporting goods, or driving farm machinery. However, accidents, vandalism, or theft of these high-value assets could mean your business faces hefty repair or replacement claims — as well as causing significant downtime.

At PIB, we know that the motor protection demands of an accountant in Albury will differ from a builder in Bathurst. That’s why we offer bespoke vehicle cover in your business insurance package.

While not an exhaustive list, this includes:

Not-for-Profit Insurance NSW

Not all businesses in New South Wales are focused on making profits for the owners or shareholders. Many crucial operations work for the betterment of a particular community or disadvantaged group.

If these organisations face a claim, not only does it impact revenues — but it can also devastate the good and altruistic work of these operations, making other unfortunates suffer.

PIB can create business insurance specific for your not-for-profit group — including charities, sports clubs, churches, community groups, and member associations — shielding your vital work from litigation, costs, and claims.

Product Liability Insurance NSW

Should your business manufacture, design, repair, upgrade, wholesale, or alter physical products — you’re at risk of substantial claims.

Faulty goods, dangerous components, or damaged items could mean your business faces compensation demands — for costly injury or death. Product liability insurance shields your operation from expensive legal action.

Professional Indemnity Insurance NSW

If a customer, client, or member of the public suffers injury or loss as a result of your advice or actions — you could face significant and costly legal action and compensation claims.

Also referred to as errors and omissions protection, professional indemnity insurance NSW addresses the financial losses and reputation damage resulting from your unintentional mistakes and/or negligence. For example, an accountant under-calculating a client’s tax liability leading to fines and penalties, or a masseuse causing more physical damage than benefit.

Included in your business insurance policy, it may cover;

  • Legal fees, claims, and compensation.
  • Investigation charges.
  • Libel, defamation, and slander.
  • Injury or property damage.
  • Loss of important documents.
  • Infringement of intellectual property.
  • Restoration of damaged reputation.
  • Duty breaches.

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The Benefits of a NSW Local Insurance Broker

From understanding the complexities of sole trader insurance requirements NSW to dealing with large business risk management — PIB has the knowledge and expertise to deliver a local and professional service.

In significant contrast to online-based and faceless advisors who offer standard, off-the-shelf policies — with PIB, you enjoy the attention and diligence of a NSW-based team that provides tailored cover for your operation.

Our relentless determination to give your business the safeguarding it deserves means you gain the local advantages of:

  • Speedy response to quotes, questions, and queries.
  • Friendly and expert advice.
  • Affordable and competitive premiums — year after year.
  • Understanding the threats facing NSW businesses.
  • Thorough risk management service.
  • Tailored insurance driven by local knowledge.
  • Complete business insurance — whatever your industry.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Easy addition or alteration to business insurance as your enterprise grows.
  • We look after your insurance, you focus on your NSW business.
  • Smooth claim processing.
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PIB — The Premier Insurance Specialist in NSW

Your NSW enterprise is individual and nuanced — PIB will deliver tailored business insurance that robustly defends against its particular risks and threats.

Working from our Parramatta offices, we’re ideally positioned to safeguard the vast range of trades and industries across the state of New South Wales.

Built on a foundation of local NSW knowledge, and driven by a team of specialists with expertise across all market sectors — we will ensure your business is shielded against unexpected events, while always keeping your premiums affordable to protect your bottom line.

Whether you’re a self-employed tradie in Tamworth, a large supermarket in Singleton, or a not-for-profit in Nowra — we will forge business insurance NSW bespoke to your enterprise.

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With PIB, you’re partnering with a significant force in the risk-protection sector.

Part of Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network — the Steadfast Group — we leverage Steadfast’s substantial scale to ensure you have access to a wide range of insurance companies, a broad scope of products, exclusive policy options, and perhaps most importantly — bottom-line-friendly competitive pricing.

And, should the unexpected happen and you need to make a claim, you will have the powerhouse backing of Steadfast behind you.

Professional Insurance Brokers is a leading specialist in custom, tailored insurance policies for individuals and businesses. Through our subsidiaries, including Unicorn Risk Services, we also have extensive experience in brokering insurance policies for the massive range of community and not-for-profit organisations that operate throughout Australia.

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