When it comes to corporate fleet insurance it’s important to optimise. Whereas with personal vehicles it’s entirely possible that you’ll be able to find an ideal policy by yourself, with the highly varied nature of fleets, business fleet insurance policies and requirements tend to differ from one organisation to the next.

And with vehicles being such a critical part of the operation of so many businesses, extended down time in the event that one has been taken off the road can quickly escalate to become a major issue for your business.

Because of this, fleet insurance becomes a critical purchase for an organisation to get right, and there are a number of areas and features within policies that a qualified and experienced broker will be integral in helping you to find and when arranging your fleet insurance policy.

  • Risk Engineering services. An insurer should be able to offer its corporate clients a Risk team that will review your fleet risk management practices in order to determine if they will respond adequately to inherent exposures.
  • Risk management tools. Many good fleet insurance providers will go a step further to offer their clients comprehensive risk management tools that are integrated into the policy, improving their systems and path towards a crash-free culture within the organisation as a value-add.
  • A fast claims process. Fleet Insurance providers should understand the costs that vehicles that are off the road incur for their clients, and should be able to offer a fast turnaround process to minimise the impact of claims.
  • A proper understanding of fleets of vehicles. Cars, trucks, and heavy moving machines all have differing insurance requirements, and a policy to take into account each of these requirements, especially when the fleet includes different vehicles, can be complex to write.

Additionally, there are a couple of different areas of cover that you should consider, and a good insurance broker will help you to find a policy from an insurer that meets with that criteria.

  • Comprehensive, Third Party or Own Damage Cover? As with private cars, fleet insurance policies can range in cost and coverage from a minimum legal coverage through to expensive, but comprehensive, cover.
  • Features of Comprehensive corporate fleet insurance policies. If you opt for Comprehensive cover for your fleets (and many do, knowing the costs of such valuable assets being written off on the road), then there are a range of expenses you can insure against, including vehicle-related property damage, towing costs, re-delivery, theft recovery costs, and so on. As such it’s important to be aware of what your Comprehensive cover will cover, and what it might not.

Because of the complexity involved, most organisations and executives turn to insurance brokers to help organise their business fleet insurance. To start the process of properly covering your own business contact us today at (02) 9630 8788.